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we both carry the fire that was set to devour life

carry the fire | fandom odds & ends.
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graphics, doctor who, icons, videos, picspams

Inside, you will find graphics of all shapes and sizes done by ofstardust.
Some batches come in large quantities, whilst others may consist of four or five graphics.
She's currently still in school, so updates may be a little spanned out.

ONE you must credit carrythefire or ofstardust.
TWO commenting's not really required. but it is loved. after all- how will I know you like the things I make, if you don't comment?
THREE blanks are not bases. please do not treat them as such.
FOUR NO hotlinking. please. seriously. just DON'T.
FIVE this community is locked, like my personal journal. if you wish to see the icons, you must comment the main post, and then join the community for access.
SIX there.. really is no six. I just really like even numbers.

Comment here for access.